317 S Main Street
Milbank,South Dakota 57252

We are old-fashioned country folk who know what it takes to make good preserves from scratch. At our Jam Factory and Retail Store in Milbank, South Dakota, we start with the best fresh fruit and process our jams and syrups for delicious flavor. Find out more on our "Making Jam" page. We currently offer 20 flavors of our Home Style Recipe Jams. We also offer syrups in some of these flavors. If you are interested in our preserves, have fun shopping online or contact us.

Canned Meats
We weren't satisfied to stay with just preserves. After some trials and errors we finally had success in coming up with our perfect combinations of pickled meat products.  Our Habanero Sticks are hot for the hot lovers. If you don't like it hot try our Pickled Snack Sticks. We also have the Sausage in two options. The Pickled Polish Sausage is scrumptious, it's hard to stop at only a few. If you want a hot sausage try the Hot Pickled Sausage.